Crested Wave 7 Hour

From €55 7 hours


Tenerife Fishing, Big Game & Bottom Fishing in Tenerife with the Crested … of ʻGenuineʻ fishing excursions from a half day 4 hour, or a full-day 7-hour trip.

We offer a variety of “Genuine” fishing excursions, from a half day 4 hour or a full day 7 hour trip, where we will spend about half the time trolling with a varied selection of lures for different species of fish, mainly Tuna’s like Big Eye, Skipjack, Albacore, Blue Fin, Yellow Fin and Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Spearfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Amberjacks & Barracuda depending on the seasons.

Then we change tactics and stop the boat to do the bottom fishing. First we drop anchor and put down a layer of chopped fish (Chum) to the sea bed using a custom-made device to attract the fish to the area, and then start fishing using either dead or live baits, for flat fish, Smooth Hound, Tope, Amberjacks, Snapper, Sea Bream, Sea Perch, Trigger Fish, Hog Fish, Moray eels, etc, and if you want, you can use lighter tackle for smaller fish like Mackerel, Herring, Bogas, and other scaly fish with small baited hooks or artificial lures etc, which also get some nice sized catches

We practice ‘Catch and Release’ on most fish and any protected species accidentally caught whilst fishing are returned back to the water alive and kicking.

We also do Private Charters & Specialist trips where you can concentrate on what you want to catch, ie.Big Game fishing for Marlin, Tunas, Dorado etc, just bottom fishing with fresh baits and artificial baits and lures at anchor or drift fishing, or a mixture of styles, whatever is fishing the best at the time.

The British owners of the boat and their local Canarian crew help, who know these waters, tides, winds, fishing marks like the back of their hand, are all fishing enthusiasts with many years experience. They cater for the serious fisherman and are also very willing to teach the novice.

Run by Father & Son, Mick, and Jack, the “Crested Wave” has been fishing in these waters for over 35 years and has a very well-known and respected reputation as a genuine honest fishing excursion, and is definitely the most well-known fishing charter boat here, with many repeat customers and recommendations.

If you´re an angling enthusiast you will know only too well nothing is guaranteed when it comes to fishing and everyday can be different, but believe us, no one GENUINELY tries harder to catch than the “CRESTED WAVE”. We have caught and landed the 1st Blue Marlin of the season 5 times in the last 7 years out of all the other fishing charter boats working here, have been top of the ratings for a long time and we all work very hard to stay there, try us and see for yourself !