Jet Bike 2 Hour Safari

€110 2 hours

It’s hot and sunny and you’ve had enough of reading a book on the beach. Why not freshen up with an adrenaline ride of Jet Bike? Enjoy the coastline of  Tenerife with one of the exciting jet ski safari tours with an experienced guide.


The 2 hour Explorer Tenerife Jetski Safari is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

After a brief introductory talk at the quayside in Harbour, you’ll put on your life jacket and wetsuit and set out on your one hour Tenerife jetski safari. Following your instructor, you’ll be passing some of the awe inspiring in South Coast Tenerife.

We will see The Lighthouse of Punta de la Rasca.

The Special Natural Reserve of Malpais de la Rasca is a protected area of 315.4 hectares located in the municipality of Arona on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain ) . The area is home to protected habitats featured cardonal – tabaibal coastal and interior, as well as various variety of flora and fauna.

This space contains a geological environment consisting of several volcanic cones belonging to the III series with its accessory basaltic flows , Big Mountain , Mountain Mountain sharpened and Shearwater . These flows, they are extending to the sea along a three kilometer coastline .

It has been proven both archaeologically as the Guanches chronic divine ritualtes performed here. It is a place sacred to ancient inhabitants .

The first stop you’ll make is La Caleta Beach (white sand beach) which is a perfect spot to swim, so we’ll spend a little time snorkeling… not too long though, because the next part of your Tenerife Jetski Safari

Your Instructor will lead you a couple of miles out to sea, and it’s time to test yourself and your Seadoo 900 GTI to the limits! Your adrenaline will soar as you try some freestyle jetskiing and jump from waves and speed through the ocean.

All too soon, it is time to return to the harbour. You may see some flying fish on the way back, a species indigenous to the natural park.