Masca Trekking

€40 1 day

Tenerife’s most famous will not disappoint! Travel down the famous Masca gorge, delighting in the untouched beauty and striking vegetation. Enjoy cooling dip in the private beach as you reach the end and await your water taxi back.


The excursion begins in the village of Masca, near the church of La Inmaculada Concepción (construction of the XVIII century), at an approximate altitude of 600 m. Before starting the hike you can take a stroll around the area and see the traditional houses, visit the Ethnographic Museum, or have a drink in one of the restaurants.

The trail is not well signposted but has no possible loss. The walk continues in descending, but without much difficulty, which allows to be realized by people of all the ages in good physical condition. The normal duration to travel its 4.5 km to the beach, comes to be around 3 hours at a quiet pace.

During the tour we will be able to enjoy a unique landscape, since the channel of the ravine is surrounded by vertical walls of hundreds of meters of height, with capricious forms of great beauty, adorned by the endemic flora of the zone. We can also find puddles and water channels, more or less important, depending on the time of year.

The final section of the road opens gradually, until we reach the beach of Masca, where we can take a bath before taking the boat that will take us to the pier of Los Gigantes. To access the ship, we will go through the concrete walkway to the rock where the small jetty is.

During the trip to the port, we can see the famous Cliffs of Los Gigantes , with a height above 550 meters and, with a little luck, some of the species of cetaceans typical of the area, such as bottlenose dolphins or spotted dolphins.