Ocean Blue 2 Hours

From €15 2 hours

Relax in the sun, swim in beautiful waters, lovely surroundings, watch whales & Dolphins and have a nice day on the Atlantic ocean.

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The Ocean Blue excursions take 2 hours and consist of:

Visiting cetaceans, in generally we can see pilot whales. In the channel in between Tenerife and La Gomera we can count with a resident population that allows us to give you even a 100% guarantee of sightings, if we do not see anything you get your money back! The added bonus is that on the Whale Adventure you can see the whales through the glass bottom as well.

We also try to find the dolphins, but we never know what we will find on the open see, as there are about 26 different species recorded in this area (24 species are migratory) and that makes every trip different.